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At CAP, we don’t just embrace change. We drive it. In the engineering and construction industry, new technologies and skillsets are more important than ever. We’re not only keeping pace with this ever-changing landscape. We’re shaping it, here + now.

Since 2005, we’ve provided engineering, construction, and management services to clients across Canada. Our interdisciplinary team traverses many fields, both professionally and geographically. From project development and design, through to delivery, we’re continuously expanding our capabilities and advancing our regional expertise.

CAP’s integrated services allow the right people to work together, ensuring greater foresight and project efficiency. We take the greatest minds – the thinkers, dreamers, and doers – and let them do what they do best. This is how we continuously deliver dynamic results.


Proactive Practices

It’s our belief that every accident and injury is preventable. This means putting safety ahead of all business pursuits. It means adopting accident prevention as a way of life. Whether as an employee or a subcontractor, safe conduct is a condition of working with CAP. It’s ingrained in our culture, and our outstanding safety record reflects that.

Through strategic planning, staff orientations, and regular training programs, we’re constantly updating and improving our safety practices. No matter the type of project or the challenges presented, our team is equipped to mitigate each hazard every step of the way.

Cap Kind


We’re invested in our people, our projects, and our community. That’s why we created CAP Kind. This corporate social responsibility program supports and funds activities that give back to local and global causes.

We encourage our employees to explore their potential through regular civic engagement. Whether it’s volunteering for community events or building rural projects in developing countries, we recognize personal growth happens when you take on unfamiliar challenges. These broadened skillsets and perspectives invigorate both our work and our connection with the community at large.

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