Material Testing

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From aggregates and asphalts to concrete, we’ve provided material testing services across Western and Northern Canada since 2010. Our skilled technicians perform quality control tests right from our CCIL-certified lab.

We can also perform material testing for you, directly in the field. With mobile labs, we’re equipped to perform all standard aggregate and asphalt quality control tests.

Our materials testing services include:

Aggregate/Soils Testing

  • Mobile testing laboratory
  • Sieve analysis (gradation testing)
  • Natural moisture content analysis
  • Plastic / liquid limit testing
  • Fracture count determination
  • Specific gravity testing
  • Organic content determination
  • Field compaction testing (nuclear method)
  • Uncompacted bulk density determination
  • Loss by washing testing
  • Flat and elongated particles ratio determination
  • Density-moisture analysis (Proctor testing)

Warm/Hot Mix Asphalt Testing

  • Mobile testing laboratory
  • Air voids testing
  • Bitumen content determination
  • Voids in mineral aggregate determination
  • Marshall stability and flow testing
  • Marshall density determination
  • Asphalt mat thickness determination
  • Asphalt mat density determination (nuclear and core methods)
  • Temperature monitoring

Concrete Testing

  • Field tests (air, slump, temperature, etc.)
  • Concrete strength (cylinder breaks)

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