Pile Driving Analysis (PDA)

Robust technology

Pile Driving Analysis (PDA) is a powerful tool. It’s the most efficient method to determine subsurface conditions that affect pile performance, especially when limited geotechnical data is available.

Certified by the Pile Driving Contractors Association, our PDA team will supply you with detailed, real-time intelligence that assesses pile capacity. This information provides the parameters to execute construction projects safely and accurately. The result: precious savings on both construction time and material.

Our PDA solutions include:

  • Determination of design drivability
  • Blow count criteria estimation
  • Pile driving program optimization
  • Pile integrity testing
  • Impact energy testing
  • Hammer performance
  • Bearing capacity estimation
  • Determination of soil resistance distribution
  • Determination of soil parameters
  • Compression and uplift test simulation

Drive your project to new heights.

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