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Manitoba Hydro – Onsite Construction Inspection Services

Project Details In the summer of 2015, Manitoba Hydro released two Request for Proposals for the provision of onsite construction inspections, witnessing services, and related activities for transmission line and various other types of projects across Manitoba. Since entering into service contracts in the fall of 2015, CAP has supplied over 20 personnel to provide

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Faro Mine

Project Details Parsons was awarded the contract by the Federal Government for the realignment of the North Fork of Rose Creek at the Faro Mine. The diversion of the creek was initiated to prevent contact between the creek itself and contaminated water seepage from the mine site. Contaminated seepage containing critical levels of zinc is

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NE Loop Transmission Line

Project Details Fort McMurray and the surrounding oil sands area has experienced substantial industrial growth and as a result the need for improved infrastructure has become a major issue for most of the large projects taking place in the area. In particular, many of the oil sands projects have expressed concern that power demands will

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Red Chris 287kV Transmission Line

Project Details In November 2013 Rokstad Power Corporation began construction on BC Hydro’s 287kV Northwest Transmission Line project from Bob Quinn to Tatogga, BC.  CAP was hired as a subcontractor to help complete the installation of 263 self-supporting and guyed steel lattice towers designed and constructed in accordance with BC Hydro standards.  The transmission line

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Nares River Bridge

PROJECT DETAILS The Nares River Bridge was built to replace the existing wooden bridge built in 1970 to accommodate mining activity in the area. The new bridge was required because the wooden bridge could not accommodate the large loads and demands of today’s vehicles. The new bridge is a three-span continuous structure with an overall

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Alaska Highway Realignment – KM 742 to KM 750

Project Details Cobalt Construction Inc. was awarded the contract by Public Works and Government Services of Canada (PWGSC) for the realignment of the Alaska Highway from 742 km to 750 km. The project included excavating and placing approximately 1,000,000 cubic metres of embankment, sub-base and base course material in construction of the road. Additional work

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Highway 831

PROJECT DETAILS This Alberta Transportation project included pavement rehabilitation and safety improvements on 30 km of Highway 831:10 from Hwy 661 to Hwy 63. The pavement rehabilitation included subgrade excavation and full width mill and replace to maintain the existing roadway width. Geometric improvements to six intersections and a safety rest area are proposed, including

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Highway 64

This Alberta Transportation project included pavement rehabilitation of 17.85 km of Highway 64:02 from the BC Border to 6 km east of Highway 717 as well as the safety rest area at km 1.4. The pavement rehabilitation included subgrade excavation, mill and fill transverse crack repair, spray patch and an asphalt overlay. Other miscellaneous work

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High River & Okotoks Substations

This project involved the expansion of High River’s and Okotoks’ substations. For the Okotoks substation, 11 concrete pile foundations and 1 circuit breaker pad foundation were installed. The High River substation was upgraded by expanding the substation pad. The fence was modified contain this expansion, and 5 concrete pile foundations and 1 circuit breaker pad foundation were installed.

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Black Spruce 154S Site Grading

The Black Spruce 154S Substation is a new 240-kV switching station located 35 km south of Conklin, Alberta, on the Cenovus Christina Lake Project Site. This substation provides reliable power to the oil industry in that region. Site preparation, grading, and an access road were necessary for this project.

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