Bowmanton 244S Substation Expansion

Located northwest of Medicine Hat, Bowmanton 244S is a substation that switches from 138 kV to 240 kV. CAP constructed the 240-kV side of the substation. The work for the concrete foundations included the installation of 170 concrete piles, 9 concrete circuit breaker pads, 2 concrete transformer pads, and 2 oil containment systems. Survey was required for layout, checks, and as-builts.

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SaskPower I1K Transmission Line

At 230-kV and 300 km long, the I1K Transmission Line runs from Island Falls to Key Lake in northern Saskatchewan. This project involved foundation construction, the installation of 900 transmission towers, wire stringing, and related project management.

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Red Chris 287-kV Transmission Line

Together with our partners, CAP installed 263 self-supporting and guyed steel lattice towers for this project. This transmission line spans 95 km of isolated mountainous terrain. It extends from the Bob Quinn airstrip, to Imperial Metals’ Red Chris Mine and the surrounding communities at Tatogga Lake.

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Forrest Kerr Hydroelectric Survey

Located in British Columbia, 1,000 km northwest of Vancouver, Forrest Kerr is a 195-MW run-of-river hydroelectric project. This facility captures the immense energy produced by the natural flow and elevation drop of the Iskut River. It delivers clean, renewable power to the grid at Bob Quinn Lake, through BC Hydro’s 287-kV Northwest Transmission Line (NTL). Locally, the project acts as a clean, renewable energy source for regional development. On a national and global scale, the project helps meet Canada’s commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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Kearl Lake Transmission Line Survey

The Kearl Lake project involved the construction of a 71-km transmission line anchored by a 240-kV substation. First, our partners excavated and graded the site, then laid the line foundation. Once the transmission line and substation were constructed, the transformer oil containment pits were raised.

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NE Loop Transmission Line

The NE Loop project responded to the need for a comprehensive transmission circuit to supply the Husky Oil Sands project. It eventually brought power to the Kearl Oil Sands projects. To develop the NE Loop, over 100 km of a single circuit 240-kV transmission line was constructed. This was completed with 5 greenfield substations and the retrofit of 1 brownfield substation.

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