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Diesel-Natural Gas Conversion Project

PROJECT DETAILS The Diesel to Natural Gas Conversion Project was located at the Yukon Energy Corporation Generating Station in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory. The Project consisted of the removal of two diesel engines and ancillary equipment that produces diesel generation and replaces them with two new GE natural gas fired engine modules with a total capacity

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Nares River Bridge

PROJECT DETAILS The Nares River Bridge was built to replace the existing wooden bridge built in 1970 to accommodate mining activity in the area. The new bridge was required because the wooden bridge could not accommodate the large loads and demands of today’s vehicles. The new bridge is a three-span continuous structure with an overall

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Alaska Highway Realignment – KM 742 to KM 750

Project Details Cobalt Construction Inc. was awarded the contract by Public Works and Government Services of Canada (PWGSC) for the realignment of the Alaska Highway from 742 km to 750 km. The project included excavating and placing approximately 1,000,000 cubic metres of embankment, sub-base and base course material in construction of the road. Additional work

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Highway 831

PROJECT DETAILS This Alberta Transportation project included pavement rehabilitation and safety improvements on 30 km of Highway 831:10 from Hwy 661 to Hwy 63. The pavement rehabilitation included subgrade excavation and full width mill and replace to maintain the existing roadway width. Geometric improvements to six intersections and a safety rest area are proposed, including

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Highway 64

This Alberta Transportation project included pavement rehabilitation of 17.85 km of Highway 64:02 from the BC Border to 6 km east of Highway 717 as well as the safety rest area at km 1.4. The pavement rehabilitation included subgrade excavation, mill and fill transverse crack repair, spray patch and an asphalt overlay. Other miscellaneous work

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Carcross Biomass

Project Details Biomass is renewable organic material that can be transformed into clean usable energy. A very common practice is to use biomass boilers in small scale heating systems which often burn wood chips, shavings, sawdust, and pellets to produce heat/energy. This is very sustainable and economical as these biomass sources are often byproducts from

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Marystown Water Street East

This roadway project consisted of replacement of the water, sanitary sewer and storm sewer systems, as well as all new pavement along the entire street. The replacement of these systems will provide citizens with a more reliable water and sewer system. CAP’S ROLE We provided project engineering and project management services for this project, from

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Ross River Road and Drainage Upgrades

Situated on the south bank of the Pelly River, Ross River is a small community in east-central Yukon. Cyclical spring thaws and ice jams caused Pelly River to flood into Ross River’s low-lying areas. The floods contributed to higher road maintenance costs, broken road BST surfacing, and surface water pooling within ditches and low areas. Local First Nation and territorial governments requested a road network re-design and re-construction to resolve these long-standing roadwork and drainage issues.

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Highway 680 & Highway 727

This Alberta Transportation project consisted of 14.6 km of base and paving on Highway 680:02 and 18.4 km of final stage paving on Highway 727:02. Reconstruction of Highway 680:02 was completed in 2013, and base and first stage paving of Highway 727:02 was completed in 2012, both under separate contracts.

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