Material Testing

Faro Mine

Project Details Parsons was awarded the contract by the Federal Government for the realignment of the North Fork of Rose Creek at the Faro Mine. The diversion of the creek was initiated to prevent contact between the creek itself and contaminated water seepage from the mine site. Contaminated seepage containing critical levels of zinc is

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Nares River Bridge

PROJECT DETAILS The Nares River Bridge was built to replace the existing wooden bridge built in 1970 to accommodate mining activity in the area. The new bridge was required because the wooden bridge could not accommodate the large loads and demands of today’s vehicles. The new bridge is a three-span continuous structure with an overall

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Alaska Highway Realignment – KM 742 to KM 750

Project Details Cobalt Construction Inc. was awarded the contract by Public Works and Government Services of Canada (PWGSC) for the realignment of the Alaska Highway from 742 km to 750 km. The project included excavating and placing approximately 1,000,000 cubic metres of embankment, sub-base and base course material in construction of the road. Additional work

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