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Alaska Highway Realignment – KM 742 to KM 750

Project Details

Year Completed: 2016
Client: Cobalt Construction Inc.
Location: Muncho Lake, BC

Cobalt Construction Inc. was awarded the contract by Public Works and Government Services of Canada (PWGSC) for the realignment of the Alaska Highway from 742 km to 750 km. The project included excavating and placing approximately 1,000,000 cubic metres of embankment, sub-base and base course material in construction of the road. Additional work items included clearing and stripping activities, crushing and producing specialty material, placing culverts, riprap protection, creating drainage and outlet channels, and constructing an 18-metre-high Mechanically Stabilized Earth retaining wall.


Our Role

Engineering Design, Field Engineering, Material Testing

CAP was retained by Cobalt to provide Quality Management services for the project. As Quality Control (QC), CAP worked closely with Quality Assurance (QA) as provided by the Owner’s Representative on-site. CAP’s responsibilities included creating a comprehensive Quality Management Plan (QMP), providing a full-time Quality Manager on-site to be responsible for inspection, ensure quality of the work in accordance with specifications, coordinate between the Owner’s Representative and the Contractor, ensure contract compliance and execute all aspects of QC according to the QMP and contract specifications. CAP also provided material testing for the entirety of the project, including compaction testing, sieve analysis and moisture and density tests according to the relevant ASTM Standards. Additional inspection activities onsite included monitoring of traffic control, environmental and permit compliance, and ongoing communication with the contractor and owner’s representative to approve design variations and other in-field adjustments.