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Chasing Challenges

Since 2005, we’ve provided engineering, project management, and construction services to clients across Canada.

Our interdisciplinary team traverses many fields, both professionally and geographically. From project development and design to delivery, we’re continuously expanding our capabilities and advancing our regional expertise.

As part of the organizational structure of CAP, we have three overall business units – project management, engineering, and construction services. By developing in this manner, we create an environment that allows our staff to participate in all aspects of our industry – from project development, through project design and ultimately into project delivery. Personnel are exposed to the pressures and stresses associated with each aspect of a project and from each stakeholder’s vantage. This environment coupled with the mentorship and training has resulted in a knowledgeable project management staff which allows CAP to pursue engineering, design-build, and public-private partnership work “Anywhere in the World.”

Complex Problem-Solving

We revel in projects that require challenging solutions and use creativity and innovation to approach every project we take on. This can be challenging due to the complexity and uncertainty of many engineering projects, but our team is well-equipped to embrace the challenge.

Meeting Project Constraints

Working within a timeline and coming in under budget isn’t always easy. We work within a specific set of requirements and specifications to ensure projects reach their goal by providing a safe and quality approach to the work for every client.

Keeping up with Technology

The engineering industry is a rapidly evolving field. Our team is passionate about keeping up with the latest technologies and techniques. This is what drives our competitive edge.

Ensuring Safety and Reliability

At CAP Engineering, we balance the tight deadlines of construction management and the unique challenges of engineering projects with safety and reliability. We work collaboratively and stay on top of emerging technology to provide adaptable solutions.


Let’s achieve the remarkable, together.