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Project and Construction Management

Creative Collaboration

CAP Engineering uses innovative solutions to follow the best path, not the easiest. We thrive in logistically challenging situations to provide valuable project management. Our services are used to integrate the different facets of the project delivery process – planning, permitting, budgeting, design, engineered procurement, construction, commissioning, warranty protection and operations. We offer a full range of project management services and ensure all our clients achieve their goals while minimizing risks and maximizing outcomes.

Project Delivery

Our commitment to delivering safe and quality work is essential to the success of any project, no matter its size or complexity. It requires a comprehensive approach that begins with thorough planning and design, continues with effective communication and collaboration, and ends with diligent implementation and quality assurance.

Cost Controlling

We work diligently to identify potential cost overruns, and implement strategies to minimize them. We’re passionate about working on time and under budget. This includes estimating costs, and continually monitoring expenses throughout the project lifecycle. We work with our clients to ensure that resources are utilized efficiently and that the project is delivered above and beyond expectations.

Project Scheduling

By identifying a critical path in the needs of every project, we are able to achieve the greatest results on the project's timeline and overall success. By focusing on what’s needed and when, our team can work with clients to prioritize their efforts and allocate resources more effectively, ensuring that the project is completed on time and within budget to deliver successful results.

Safety Administration

We believe that every accident and injury is preventable. Recognizing potential hazards, assessing, and mitigating risks are all part of the job. We have strict protocols to ensure that safety is maintained throughout every stage of the process. By prioritizing safety, we can protect our team, reduce liability, and commit to delivering professionalism, and a quality project. It’s crucial for ensuring the health and well-being of workers and the communities we operate in.

Quality Control/Assurance

A combination of inspection, testing, and process improvement, ensures that our team is able to use quality control techniques such as statistical process control, failure mode and effects analysis, and root cause analysis to identify and address the quality of management systems. We always work within a framework for continuous improvement and ensure that all processes and procedures are documented and regularly reviewed.


Let’s achieve the remarkable, together.