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Field Services

Find your Competitive Edge

At CAP, we ask questions. We rethink solutions, before they become problems. No matter the project parameters, together we’ll achieve remarkable results.

Our drive is undeterred. Nothing excites us more than tackling construction projects that pose complex logistical challenges. With expertise in transportation, mining, and power, we have the expertise to provide various construction services to support your project.

Survey and Geomatics

Map the Possibilities

With offices across Western Canada, we have the regional expertise to take on land surveys of all sizes and scope. Our local knowledge, surveying techniques, and use of today’s best technology allow us to capture data with the utmost accuracy and precision.

Through GPS and conventional systems, our survey services can support every stage of your construction project. We’re registered with the Association of Canada Lands Surveyors (ACLS), and meet all Legal Survey requirements within the ACLS jurisdiction.

Our survey services include:

  • Legal surveys
  • Preliminary surveys
  • Construction surveys
  • Structural surveys
  • Earthwork and volume surveys
  • Pipeline surveys
  • Watercourse surveys
  • Engineering surveys
  • Project expansion surveys
  • Contract dispute surveys

Pile Driving Analysis (PDA)

Robust Technology

Pile Driving Analysis (PDA) is a powerful tool. It’s the most efficient method to determine subsurface conditions that affect pile performance, especially when limited geotechnical data is available.

Certified by the Pile Driving Contractors Association, our PDA team will supply you with detailed, real-time intelligence that assesses pile capacity. This information provides the parameters to execute construction projects safely and accurately. The result: precious savings on both construction time and material.

Our PDA solutions include:

  • Determination of design drivability
  • Blow count criteria estimation
  • Pile driving program optimization
  • Pile integrity testing
  • Impact energy testing
  • Hammer performance
  • Bearing capacity estimation
  • Determination of soil resistance distribution
  • Determination of soil parameters
  • Compression and uplift test simulation

Field Engineering

The Sharpest Minds

Find your competitive edge. Whether your designs are created in-house or by CAP, the finished product will exceed your expectations.

It starts with closely following and monitoring industry quality assurance and control procedures. Then, we develop, modify, and use Inspection and Test Plans (ITPs) to simplify your inspection process. Our experience enables us to make quick and effective field level decisions (within the limits of our authority). This minimizes project delays and costs.

Our engineering expertise includes:

  • Road design (highway and municipal roads, access roads, haul roads, etc.)
  • Heavy earthwork (pads for high voltage facilities, earth dams, etc.)
  • Electrical design (commercial, industrial, and high voltage)
  • Mechanical systems (commercial and industrial)
  • Land developments
  • Deep foundations design
  • Storm water and drainage systems
  • Substation and switching station construction
  • Concrete construction (foundations and structures)

Material Testing

Measure Up

From aggregates and asphalts to concrete, we’ve provided material testing services across Western and Northern Canada since 2010. Our skilled technicians perform quality control tests right from our CCIL-certified lab.

We can also perform material testing for you, directly in the field. With mobile labs, we’re equipped to perform all standard aggregate and asphalt quality control tests.

  • Mobile testing laboratory
  • Sieve analysis (gradation testing)
  • Natural moisture content analysis
  • Plastic / liquid limit testing
  • Fracture count determination
  • Specific gravity testing
  • Organic content determination
  • Field compaction testing (nuclear method)
  • Uncompacted bulk density determination
  • Loss by washing testing
  • Flat and elongated particles ratio determination
  • Density-moisture analysis (Proctor testing)
  • Mobile testing laboratory
  • Air voids testing
  • Bitumen content determination
  • Voids in mineral aggregate determination
  • Marshall stability and flow testing
  • Marshall density determination
  • Asphalt mat thickness determination
  • Asphalt mat density determination (nuclear and core methods)
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Field tests (air, slump, temperature, etc.)
  • Concrete strength (cylinder breaks)


Let’s achieve the remarkable, together.