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Faro Mine Rose Creek Diversion

Project Details

Year Completed: 2021
Client: Pelly Construction
Location: Faro Mine Complex

Faro Mine Remediation Project is a complex and long-term risk mitigation and care maintenance project at one of the worlds largest open pit lead-zinc mine. Rose Creek diversion is a 1.9 km long channel that diverts Rose Creek around the tailings storage area. The construction scope of work for this included North Fork Rose Creek diversion, slope stability improvements and spillway construction.

  • Temporarily diversion channel to accommodate for construction
  • Construction of access roads
  • Aggregate production, test pitting programs for future aggregates
  • Haul Road Cut, slope improvements
  • Spillway construction and armouring


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Our Role

Quality Control Consultant (QC)

CAP Engineering was retained by the prime contractor for quality control and inspection of various soils and aggregates used throughout the duration of this project.

Our involvement included but was not limited to:

Quality Control Inspection/Testing

  • Aggregate Production & QC
  • Test pitting programs
  • Compaction Testing
  • Various in-situ sampling and testing
  • Particle size distribution for Riprap
  • Turbidity testing and monitoring