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Red Chris 287KV Transmission Line

Project Details

Year Completed: 2014
Client: Rokstad Power Corporation
Location: Willow Creek, BC

In November 2013 Rokstad Power Corporation began construction on BC Hydro’s 287kV Northwest Transmission Line project from Bob Quinn to Tatogga, BC.  CAP was hired as a subcontractor to help complete the installation of 263 self-supporting and guyed steel lattice towers designed and constructed in accordance with BC Hydro standards.  The transmission line spans 95 kilometers of isolated mountainous terrain, from the Bob Quinn air strip to Imperial Metals’ Red Chris Mine and the surrounding communities at Tatogga Lake.


Our Role

As a sub-contractor to Rokstad, CAP provided services for civil construction including management, survey, and construction services.  Additionally, CAP provided the project’s quality coordinator and created and implemented a Quality Management Plan for both the civil and electrical portions of work on site. CAP constructed a total of 154 steel grillage foundations, drilled, grouted, and installed 400 tower anchors totalling 3000 linear meters, and constructed 88 reinforced concrete and grout tower foundation pads.  Over the course of construction CAP encountered multiple challenges with material and equipment procurement due to the project’s isolated location, limited access to tower sites due to extreme weather conditions, and unpredictable design changes due to a limited initial geotechnical investigation.