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Shakwak Highway

Project Details

Year Completed: 2012
Location: Haines Junction, YT

The Government of Yukon required quality and quantity control services for two warm mix asphalt pavement (WMAP) projects on Shakwak Highway. CAP monitored and advised on the sub-cut excavations, granular “A” and shoulder aggregate placement, asphalt tack, prime coat, and warm mix asphalt. In total, the contractor placed 56,500 tonnes of WMAP for the two projects.


Our Role

CAP provided qualified onsite quality and quantity control staff for both projects. Quantity control was comprised of operating the scales in the aggregate pits, and monitoring offload stations and spread lengths for the granular base course and the asphalt placement. Quantities were summarized, verified, and submitted daily. Quality control included performing proctors, sieves, and compaction verification for the granular base course, and all asphalt testing as outlined in further detail below. Additionally, CAP maintained a daily documented photographic record of all construction activities.

Asphalt Testing

  • Cold feed aggregate gradation
  • Cold feed moisture contents
  • Plant Marshall tests (density, air voids, VMA, gradation, % fracture)
  • Bitumen content
  • Stability and flow
  • Core sampling and densities
  • Plant calibration tests

Aggregate Testing

  • Sieve analysis for all aggregates
  • Proctors for GBC and pit run material
  • Material moisture contents
  • Field density verifications