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Teck Coal Mine Reclamation

Project Details

Year Completed: 2023
Client: Clark Construction
Location: Near Hinton, AB

The overarching objective of the reclamation strategy is to successfully rehabilitate disturbed areas within the MSL to self-sustaining conditions that lead to viable long-term and diverse end land uses of equivalent land capability as non-disturbed areas neighbouring the mine. Reclamation has the intent of eventual certification and, ultimately, to relinquish the land back to the province once the MSL is removed.

Recognizing ecological integrity, adaptive management, and human interactions are key considerations.

A list of the reclamation project elements is summarized below:

  • Contouring, coversoil placement and rough mounding
  • Decommissioning and reclamation of clean water diversions, including re-construction of water channels
  • Infrastructure decommissioning (powerlines, electrical substations, roads and small buildings)
  • Erosion and sediment control
  • Waste management and disposal


Our Role

Project Controls

CAP’s role on this project was to provide project controls support by developing reporting systems and tracking tools to successfully predict productivities and trends to determine scope creep and completion timelines and costs.

Our involvement included but was not limited to:

Project Controls

  • Reporting Systems
  • Scheduling
  • Cost Analysis and Control
  • Change Management
  • Project Coordination