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Forrest Kerr Hydroelectric Survey

Located in British Columbia, 1,000 km northwest of Vancouver, Forrest Kerr is a 195-MW run-of-river hydroelectric project. This facility captures the immense energy produced by the natural flow and elevation drop of the Iskut River.

Whistle Bend Way & Mountainview Drive

Located in Whitehorse, Yukon, Whistle Bend is a seven-phase mixed residential, commercial, and institutional development that features wide green corridors throughout the community.

Kearl Lake Transmission Line Survey

The Kearl Lake project involved the construction of a 71-km transmission line anchored by a 240-kV substation. First, our partners excavated and graded the site, then laid the line foundation. Once the transmission line and substation were constructed, the transformer oil containment pits were raised.

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