Project Details

Construction of access roads, foundations and anchors, tower assembly and erection, and conductor stringing for approximately 185 kmof 240kV DC transmission line between Newfoundland and Nova Scotia.


The Maritime Link project supplying energy from Newfoundland to Nova Scotia and connecting Newfoundland to the North American grid. The High Voltage Direct Current (HVdc) transmission line link, under a joint venture team headed up by Carillion Group was contracted to build about 190 km of HVdc transmission line across both provinces, including the construction of tower foundations and anchors, tower assembly and erection, and the stringing of conductors. CAP under subcontract to the JV team was engaged to provide project management support and logistical services across the entire project.

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Project Statistics

Year Completed: 2018
Client: Carillion Group
Project Location: Newfoundland

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