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Nares River Bridge

Project Details

Year Completed: 2019
Client: Ruskin Construction Ltd.
Location: Carcross, YT

The Nares River Bridge was built to replace the existing wooden bridge built in 1970 to accommodate mining activity in the area. The new bridge was required because the wooden bridge could not accommodate the large loads and demands of today’s vehicles. The new bridge is a three-span continuous structure with an overall length of 145m. It has two driving lanes and a sidewalk for bicycles and pedestrians. The structure of the bridge is as follows: four 914mm diameter open-ended pipe piles (reinforced concrete infill), 2.1m deep five lines steel I girders, cast-in-place concrete for the deck, elastomeric bearings for the abutments, and pot type bearings for the piers.


Our Role

Engineering Design, Field Engineering, Material Testing, Pile Driving Analysis

CAP was hired by Ruskin Construction to do Quality Control (QC) for all the concrete pours and the piles installed for the Nares River Bridge. The pours varied from 1 truck for 1 hour to 37 trucks for a 14 hour pour through the night. Our team tested every truck for air entrainment and slump while cylinders for compression tests were cast every 20m3. While pouring the bridge deck we had two testers on site as there would be two trucks dumping simultaneously into the pumper truck. All other pours of abutments, slabs, and sidewalks were handled by one tester. Cylinders were brought back to our main laboratory in Whitehorse and were stored in our curing tank before conducting 3, 7, and 28-day breaks. We completed a Pile Driving Analysis (PDA) test on all piles installed which allows us to directly measure dynamic pile response during driving.