Highway 64

This Alberta Transportation project included pavement rehabilitation of 17.85 km of Highway 64:02 from the BC Border to 6 km east of Highway 717 as well as the safety rest area at km 1.4. The pavement rehabilitation included subgrade excavation, mill and fill transverse crack repair, spray patch and an asphalt overlay. Other miscellaneous work included tree clearing, sideslope improvements, access management, culvert rehabilitation, beaver control culvert end treatments highway street lighting, rumble strips and permanent signing upgrades.


CAP was responsible for the overall project engineering, from preliminary field engineering and design through to tendering and construction. This involved site investigations, preliminary survey, confirmation of surfacing requirements and all quantity calculations, including but not limited to asphalt concrete pavement, crack repair, sideslope improvements, culverts, signing, roadway lines and messages, milled rumble strips and delineators. A design report was created, which outlined all the project details, calculations and estimates. Following review and approval by Alberta Transportation, a tender document with special provisions was developed utilizing standard templates. Cost estimates were prepared based on historical average unit prices. During construction, CAP provided overall construction supervision, inspection, survey and QA/QC testing services.

Project Statistics

Year Completed: 2019
Client: Alberta Transportation
Project Location: Cleardale, AB

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