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North Fork of Rose Creek Realignment

Project Details

Year Completed: 2020
Client: Pelly Construction Ltd
Location: Dawson City, YT

Parsons was awarded the contract by the Government for the realignment of the North Fork of Rose Creek at the Faro Mine. The diversion of the creek was initiated to prevent contact between the creek itself and contaminated water from the mine site. Contaminated seepage containing critical levels of zinc is draining from rocks located near the North Fork or Rose Creek. Over time the seepage is expected to increase, potentially harming aquatic species and habitat as well as water quality. The project includes the construction of an inlet dam and excavation of stream channels. Additional work items include clearing and stripping activities, riprap protection, crushing and producing specialty material, placing culverts and installing liner to prevent groundwater seepage. The project is currently ongoing.


Our Role

Quality Control Consultant (QC)

CAP was retained by Pelly to provide Quality Control (QC) services for the North Fork of Rose Creek realignment. CAP provided material testing for the entirety of the project. All applicable tests according to the relevant ASTM standards can be found below.

Quality Control Tests:

  • Standard Proctor
  • Atterberg Limits
  • Sieve Analysis
  • Moisture Content
  • Compaction Testing
  • Wolman Pebble Count

CAP was responsible to ensure contract compliance and execute all aspects of Quality Control with certifying quality according to the contract specifications. Additional activities onsite included environmental and permit compliance and ongoing communication with the client.