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Highway 831:08/10 From Jct. Hwy 661 to Jct. Hwy 63

Project Details

Year Completed: 2022
Client: Alberta Transportation
Location: Central Alberta

The project involved rehabilitation of Highway 831:08/10 including a mill and replace, sideslope improvements, intersection improvements and intersection lighting. Approximately 80,700 tonnes of Asphalt Concrete Pavement (ACP) were used to rehabilitate the highway. Hwy 831 is an arterial north/south highway through north central Alberta.

The major activities included:

  • Pavement rehabilitation, including cold milling and asphalt concrete pavement,
  • Intersection improvements at Hwy 661, Golf Course Access, Twp Rd 631A, Long Lake North Access, and Rge Rd 192A/Airport Access,
  • Highway street lighting at Twp Rd 631A intersection,
  • Access management,
  • Sideslope improvement,
  • Repair of sidewalk, curb and gutter anc catch basin grates within the Village of Boyle
  • Adjustment of manholes and water valves within the village of Boyle,
  • Culvert rehabilitation,
  • Strong Post W-Beam guardrail,
  • Permanent signage,
  • Painted roadway lines and messages,
  • Milled rumble strips.


Our Role

Project Management

CAP’s role on this project was to provide project management, surveying, inspection, and quality assurance/control services for the highway preservation.

Our involvement included but was not limited to:

Project Management

  • Scheduling and Coordination with General Contractor & Sub-Contractors
  • Cost Analysis and Control
  • Change Management
  • Project Coordination & Overall Construction Inspection Management of Earthworks, Culvert removal & replacement, Road Base Construction and Gravelling, Pavement Construction, etc.
  • Regular and ongoing communication with client sponsor (Alberta Transportation) representative(s)
  • Communication with and timely response to Village representatives, area residents and the motoring public.
  • Provide assistance and direction to survey and material testing staff & gravel/pavement checkers as required.